Library Rules


Library Rules – Quick version

*New Notice/Weekly book exchanges*

West block library requests must be submitted each Wednesday evening by five (5) P.M. for these requests to be processed in time for Saturday delivery. This includes a one time renewal (which are to be submitted by the tablets)!

East block library requests must be submitted each Friday evening by five (5) P.M. for these requests to be processed in time for Monday delivery. This includes a one time renewal (which are to be submitted by the tablets)!

1.  A-Block will be provided a book cart and Inmates housed in A-Block will be able to choose one book for their use at the scheduled book exchange time. F-Block is provided a selection of books to choose from in the block.

2.  Books can be checked out for a one (1) week period. Books checked out may be retained for an additional one (1) week period by sending a request for a renewal or extension. At the end of the renewal period books must be turned in, the book being examined for replacement and to allow others the opportunity to read the book.

3.  Books are to be turned into Booking when you are released from the facility or moved out to the WCCC.

4.  Inmates whose books are lost, destroyed, or defaced in any manner may be fined.

5.  If your books are confiscated during a shake down you will receive new books on the next scheduled library day.

Fine Schedule:

First Infraction; $5.00 Fine

Second Infraction; $10.00 Fine

Third Infraction; Temporary suspension from the library 30 days.

Book fines will be applied, if no money is on your account, that individual will be suspended from the library for 30 days & a second violation will be 60 days suspension.

Library Policies and Book List

Last updated 07/01/2023



    • I. Requesting Books

    • II. Renewing Books

    • III. Transferring Book Possession

    • IV. Priority

    • V. Disciplinary Measures

    • VI. Delivery and Returns

    • VII. Donations

    • VIII. Other Information



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  1. REQUESTING BOOKS: All PCF library requests must be made through the Library Book Request form on the Telmate Kiosk. Usually only requests submitted no later than Wednesday the week of book exchange will be accepted, but extenuating circumstances may require that some weeks have the cut off day earlier, possibly without notice (ie only those who submit by Tues will get books that week due to technical issues on Wednesday, or staffing issues on Friday, etc). Submit Early or you risk not getting books. There is NO excuse to wait until the last day!
    1. The inmate librarian does not have network access to respond to kiosk requests, so replies to library requests will be rare. Staff members may close requests without a response after reviewing, and printing them. In general, the response will be whatever the inmate does or does not receive on library day.
    2. AMOUNT: Inmates may only have a maximum of 2 library books/items checked out at any time, including scriptures, religious books or magazines, but alternate choices should still be listed.
      1. Inmates in A-block ,F-block, Mods and Booking may NOT request books from the main library. Orders made in another block will be canceled if an inmate is moved into one of these locations anytime before delivery.
      2. Requests to clergy which don’t list a specifically named denomination that already volunteers at PCF may have their request denied to go to the wrong people. In addition, PCF volunteers are not obligated to respond to requests or send anything, and may choose not to do either. Inmates are allowed to purchase their own personal religious books or have them ordered by family/friends through appropriate methods. PCF is not obligated to provide inmates their own personal copy, and inmates are welcome to check out the materials we do have available in the library.
      3. The Legal Library is separate from the Leisure Library. And Programming does not administer the use of the Law Library Computer. See PCF Policies.
    3. Inmates should list their choices from the book list in order of preference from top to bottom. They should also LIST SEVERAL ALTERNATES or they may get only one or no books if their choices were unavailable.
      1. If an inmate didn’t get the books they listed first, it is because they were unavailable (ie: checked out, lost, destroyed, on a wait list, etc).
      2. In some cases the librarian may choose to select replacement books for inmates whose choices were all unavailable (especially if the inmate submitted early, listed several alternate choices, and has a good history), to help the inmate not go without books.
      3. If an inmate submits multiple requests in the same period, the librarian will pick which one to use and discard the rest. Extras received within the same period will not be saved for the next period.
        1. If an inmate moves from Max to Central or Central to Max, they should submit a new request.
  2. RENEWING BOOKS: To keep books currently checked out in their name for another 2 weeks, inmates should click on “YES” where it asks Are you renewing a book? and list the Title(s) they want to keep for another 2 weeks as their first choice(s).
    1. Not asking to renew a book may require inmates to turn the book in on book exchange day even if they’re not finished reading it. They may also be limited to renewing books once or twice if it’s on a wait list or is popular.
  3. TRANSFERRING BOOK POSSESSION: Inmates often want to check out a book that someone in their section already has. This is not allowed. All requests must be made through the kiosk, and all books must return to the library before they can be checked out to another inmate. Among other things: books must be inspected, logged, repaired, checked to see if it is on a wait list, and then made equally available to everyone.
    1. Who gets priority on books is determined by the following factors (not necessarily in order):
      1. “First-come-first-serve basis” (Next on the Wait List, or who requested the earliest).
      2. Good checkout history (without late, lost, or damaged books; follows policies).
      3. Voluntarily donated books to the library, especially popular books.
      4. Listed alternate choices, used the book list, and put effort into their request.
    2. WAITING LIST: Level 3 and up with good checkout history (no book abuse) may request to be placed on a waiting list for one title at a time. This is a privilege. An inmate will be notified they are on the waiting list; if they are not notified, they should assume they are not on the list. Inmates should should continue to list the wait list book on future requests until it is received. Inmates may request to be removed from the wait list. Leaving the facility overnight will remove inmates from the wait list.
  5. DISCIPLINARY MEASURES: Fines and/or Suspensions are the most common consequence given by the Programming Department for library book abuse (including lost or damaged books) even if the inmate has already been released (but other disciplinary measures are possible).
    1. Book Condition: Book condition is logged and tracked multiple ways.
      1. Inmates will not be responsible for “regular wear” of a book that would be incurred by a single careful reader (ie don’t open the book to 180 degrees or more), but added tears, cover damage, writing, water damage, removed tape, spine/binding damage such as cracks, and other abnormalities are still always tracked even if an inmate isn’t disciplined every time. Multiple minor abuse incidents (or even a single incident) may combine to charge &/or suspend inmates even if the books are still usable after repair.
      2. Lost books are those which are not returned immediately upon an inmate’s release (ie the inmate left the book with another inmate instead of taking it to booking with their other PCF property); or when the checked out book is no longer in the inmate’s possession and the inmate is unable to immediately produce it when asked or warned to do so. Inmates may immediately be issued a suspension upon observing they are in violation. A fine will also be issued if the book is not soon recovered undamaged.
      3. Inmates are not allowed to share books. Book condition and location are the responsibility of the inmate the book is checked out to. Fines, suspensions, and other disciplinary methods will almost always be issued to whomever checked out the book even if someone else caused the damage.
    2. Fines
  • See the above section under the fines schedule.
    1. Refunds
      1. Refunds: If a book charged as ‘lost‘ is later returned, the fine charged may still remain on the inmate’s account without being refunded since it has often been missing as overdue/late for several weeks, and especially if it incurred any new damage (refunds may still be denied even if it was returned in comparable condition). It is the inmate’s duty to be responsible by turning in their books every two weeks when they are due or when they leave. Refunds are discretionary, but will usually be denied.
    2. Suspension from the library means the inmate may not receive or possess any PCF library material including books or magazines until the end of the suspension and they may be in addition to a fine.
      1. Suspensions are issued for an indefinite time period. Usually after a suspension is issued, the actual suspension start date will begin the next time the inmate submits a library request after classification and they are officially informed they are suspended.
      2. If an inmate pays a book fine, they may ask Programming if they can have the suspension lifted early. This is usually only allowed for first-time suspensions and after being suspended for at least 30 days.
      3. An inmate who has been placed on an “Indefinite Suspension” and after being suspended for at least 60 days, may send a request to the Programming Sergeant asking if they can get their library privileges reinstated. They should indicate that they’ve read all the library policies, take responsibility for their history of book loss, damage &/or abuse, and convince Programming why they should be trusted that they will not lose and abuse books or any other PCF property or policies anymore. The Programming Sergeant may decide to leave the inmate suspended from library privileges. If the inmate incurs further abuse against PCF property, they will likely be subjected to increased disciplinary sanctions.
      4. If an inmate leaves the facility while on library suspension, the suspension will start over from the beginning (without credit for time previously suspended).
  1. DELIVERY & RETURNS: Books are usually delivered on Saturdays & Mondays to each section (East and West are on alternating days), and will likely be before lunch based on the deputy’s availability.
    1. On library day, an inmate will be required to exchange any of their current books in order to get new ones.
    2. The deputy may choose to bring around a cart, have everyone turn in all their books without calling individual names, have the librarian check them in and log them first; then return later to deliver books only to inmates who returned their books. If an inmate did not return their books when the deputy asked for all library books, their new order for that week may simply be canceled, and they may still be asked to return the books they kept anyway if they are long overdue, on a wait-list, or in high demand.
    3. If an inmate receives a book and after looking at it decide that they don’t want it after all, they may hand it back, and it will be checked back in and taken out of their name, but they will not receive a replacement for it until the next book exchange day after they’ve submitted a new request.
    4. If they are worried they may be blamed for preexisting damage to a book (tears, cracked or broken spines, loose pages, etc) inmates should point it out to the librarian and programming deputy before they leave the section. Often there will be tape around the damage location (fixing rips or where spine is cracked), or sometimes writing on the title page for convenient reference about damage that has previously been logged and accounted for in the database records. Adding their own tape or writing to try to cover up new damage they caused will not work, those methods are only for convenient reference.
    5. If book exchange is done while an inmate is away (ie at court, visit, yard, programming, etc), their books will be taken back to the library and held for a short time. Inmates may prepare for this by asking a neighbor to exchange their books in their absence, or try to explain when they return.
    6. When released, inmates should not leave their books with other inmates, they should take their library books with their other property to booking. Inmates are responsible for books they checked out until the books are returned to the library and the inmate will be issued a warning or fined for lost or damaged books even if they’ve already left PCF.
  2. DONATIONS: Inmates may donate books to PCF library to the jail through the Programming Department. All such books will be thoroughly inspected and become 100% PCF property and may be discarded or given away elsewhere for any reason instead of added to the main PCF library.
    1. Inmate Donations can be made through a deputy, through the Property Department, or handed to the librarian at book exchange. When donations are received, the Property Department is notified so they won’t continue to count against the inmate’s property-matrix limits.
  3. OTHER INFORMATION: All library policies are subject to change at any time and are up to the discretion of the Programming Department which is not bound by them and may choose to do things outside these parameters. These policies are for convenience and cover frequently asked Questions & Answers, and typical expectations.
    1. This book list is sorted in order by 1)Subject, 2)Author, 3)Series, 4)Series #, then by 5)Title if not in a series.
    2. Books are listed in the following order: “Subject – Author – Title – Descriptors (Series Name and #) ©Copyright Date”. Descriptors may be a subtitle or a hyphen and letters to help describe what they’re about. Here are some common descriptive marks: -3bks=3 books in one, -HR=Historical Romance, -movie, -NDE=Near Death Experience, -PR=Paranormal Romance, -RS=Romantic Suspense, nh.+/- ## =StarWars Chronological date (years before or after “A New Hope”). Many titles on the list are still missing their Copyright date in the database, it’s a work in progress in spare time, mostly for fictional titles.
    3. Inmates may receive facility disciplinary action if found sharing books or possessing books not checked out in their name, especially lost “floater” books. Deputies have the ability to print a list of approved books checked out in each inmate’s name and they may use it occasionally in shakedowns.



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