Additional Information for EIP Payment Requests

To: State Inmates Housed in County Jails

As you are aware, a federal court recently ordered that the IRS may not deny CARES Act Economic Impact Payments to anyone solely because they are incarcerated.  The Department has recently distributed to inmates several documents it received from the IRS to enable eligible individuals to request such payments.  These documents are:

IRS Form 1040
IRS Form 1040-SR
Instructions for filing Simplified Form 1040 for purposes of obtaining an Economic Impact Payment; and
Legal Notice

The Legal Notice informed you that in order to receive an economic impact payment you may need to take action before October 30, 2020.  (See the Legal Notice for additional information.)  That deadline has been extended to November 4, 2020.

If you are currently on supervision with Adult Probation and Parole either
on supervised probation or parole and would like to make contact with your agent or have general questions that can be answered, please refer to the following email address: