Bunk Inspection

Bunk Inspection
Purgatory Correctional Facility

-Facility residents will be fully ready to have their bed and surrounding areas inspected, Monday through Saturday at 0800. Warnings regarding this procedure will not be given. Formal bunk inspections will generally not run past 1100. On the occasion that formal bunk inspection is canceled for the day due to facility workload or other reasons, residents will still be obligated to prepare as though the inspection were being conducted. Inspections on Sundays will be at the discretion of the staff. If inspections are to be conducted on a Sunday, residents will be given advanced notice. Inspections will be conducted with the owner near, but not on their assigned bed.

-All residents will participate, and each bed will be made unless a waiver is granted by staff for a special situation. If a bed is not made, the owner will be directed to make it, and a bunk inspection failure will be recorded. Failure to make a bed after the fact, will result in formal discipline.

-All residents will be in their appropriate jail issued uniform. Personal purchased clothing may be worn under the uniform during inspections.

-Beds will be made in such a manner that the occupants feet are toward the main entrance of the room or dorm. Two sheets will be applied to the bed, tucked in and reasonably tight. Blankets may either rest on top of the sheets or be neatly folded at the foot of the bed. If the blanket is applied to the bed, it must also be reasonable tight and tucked in under the mattress.

-Towels and pin bags if hanging, will not obstruct the view of staff. No other items will be hanging from any bed. Areas surrounding each bed will be neat and orderly. Property will be placed in closed drawers or under the bed in the duffel bags provided. Shoes will be placed under the bed in an orderly manner. Property will not extend from beyond the vertical boundaries of the bed. Clothes lines are not permitted. Property will not be placed underneath the mattress. Graffiti and unauthorized postings will be removed by the owner of the bed/cell and prior to each inspection.

-Window areas will not be obstructed, vents will be clean, floors swept, with toilets and sinks wiped free of debris. Contraband, rubbish, and left over meal items will be disposed of prior to the inspection.

-All residents will receive an initial basic level of training on expectations related to the bunk inspection process. Omissions after this initial verbal training period will be considered deliberate and will be addressed through progressive discipline (see bleow). Outwardly defiant displays during the bunk inspection process will be addressed with immediate lockdown and referral to the IDHO. Bunk inspection, while simple in concept, will be considered a serious matter by both the staff and residents.

-Progressive discipline steps for failures within a single 90 day period are as follows: Verbal Warning, One Day Restriction, Three Days Restriction, Seven Days Restriction, Formal Writeup.

-The Administrators of this facility believe that cleanliness, good order and mutual respect benefit all residents and staff. Compliance with and enforcement of these standards is considered a high priority.

Purgatory Administration